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About Yasha


Yasha is an ancient Hebrew word that means "To Save, Deliver, Liberate to be victorious".

Yasha products stand for the cause of justice as every piece is a story of hope for those escaping exploitation.
We partner with organisations globally whose mission is to rescue and empower. Those organisations are Nightlight (Thailand, Bangkok), Sak Saum (Cambodia), The Loyal Workshop (Kolkata, India), Sudara (India), Elijah Rising (Houston, Texas) and Deux Mains (Haiti).

Our products are quality, handmade pieces that execute style & precision, unique to the Australian market.
We stock, authentic leather goods, apparel, accessories, jewellery including Freshwater Pearls, fresh flowers, gifts and more!

We also stock Earthwood Floors - reclaimed, re-milled Australian Hardwood, where profits from any floor sold through Yasha goes directly to rescuing more victims of trafficking.




In 2010 Felicity Fowler  had her first child and was impacted by an ad she saw on the Christian channel that spoke of the magnitude of the issue of modern day slavery, mainly the sale of individuals for sex. The horror that this actually existed impacted her heart and mobilised her into action. Thus, the vision for Yasha was formed. 

Yasha was born from the desire to impact this issue by sourcing products to sell at home parties that were made by rescued victims of sex slavery and human trafficking. Yasha was to be a business that held jewellery parties telling women about the issue of slavery and how there is a story of hope amidst this darkness. Felicity sourced products initially from Nightlight Bangkok, whose sole mission was to set the captives free by offering alternate work for those trapped in the sex slave trade. Nightlight made beautiful jewellery and rescued hundreds of women offering hope in the red light district of Bangkok. 

Jewellery parties were the start, then came pop-up market stalls at local shopping centres and Yasha was also invited to local groups in the community, churches etc to share the vision and cause for our products. Meanwhile, Felicity had her 5 babies whilst carrying Yasha on at the capacity that she had. It was only in Dec 2019 that the vision for a shopfront started to take shape. This was always a vision that Felicity had to have a permanent shop front for Yasha. 

In Dec 2019 after doing a pop-up stall at Port Central many customers were asking for a store, Felicity then raised a small amount to start the shop! Much of this was a BIG step of faith!

In late Jan 2020, the money had come in and with many others who made it possible, with volunteers, donated hardwood floors from Earthwood Flooring, a shop front was born! 

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