Organic Pine Tea needles hand picked fresh on the day of order. Our beautiful mountainous farm is harvesting fresh pine needles from our pinus patula trees, located in rural Mid North Coast of NSW Australia.Completely organic farm with no pesticides we can supply large quantities of the freshest of needles for a perfect cup of tea.These needles from the pinus elliotti and has been used for centuries for great medicinal purposes. These pines have the same properties as the white or red pine including a great natural source for Shikimic acid. Shikimic acid has many uses which include fighting viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. This is due to its ability to enhance immune function, restore bacteria and fungi balance in the intestinal tract and its microbial derivatives. Also halts blood blood clots, mini-clots, strokes, and unusually heavy menstrual cycles. Shikimic acid is the major precursor of most aromatic amino acids, alkaloids and indole derivatives. It is commonly used in pharmaceuticals synthesis and it acts as the first material for neuraminidase inhibitor, Oseltamivir.

Pine needle tea is one of the most potent anti-oxidants there is and it’s known to treat cancer, inflammation, stress and depression, pain and respiratory infections. Pine tea also kills parasites. Pine needle tea has been proven to provide five times the amount of vitamin C than an orange perfect for boosting the immune system and many other proven health benefits.Packed fresh they will be sent to you and arrive at your door within 5 days of packaging.Warning ! It is advised that if you are pregnant or breastfeeding not to consume.

Organic Fresh Pine Needle Tea Pinus Patula 200g